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Applied Food Sciences (AFS) specializes in the development and marketing of proprietary technologies used in foods, beverages and nutritional supplements.

AFS’s revolutionary products have been featured on television and in publications such as CNN, NBC, USA Today, Parade, Muscle and Fitness, FLEX, Prevention and Newsweek.

  • Natural Product Insider: Formulating Antioxidant Products


      For more information on Glucarate, CLICK HERE     Liver Healthy – Calcium D-Glucarate

  • Love Matters: Glucarate for your Heart

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    Applied Food Sciences has completed extensive research and found patented Preventium™ (Glucarate™by AFS) to be safe. With evidence of it being found in fruits and vegetables such as apples, grapefruit, and broccoli, you can rest easy that your healthy maintenance plan including Preventium™ is a good one. One of the Keys to a long and

  • What Veterinarians are Linking Nearly 3/4 of all Canine Disease to

    Our pet’s have it rough in today’s toxic world. Every day we walk our best friends by signs posted in our neighborhood next to sidewalks and parks that say “Warning Pesticide Use!” Meanwhile, even in our own homes, every bottle of cleaning solution says “Caution Keep away from children and pets!” These are the obvious

  • Calcium D-Glucarate: a Potent Detoxifier

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    Estrogen mimickers (chemicals that imitate the effects of estrogen in the body) are everywhere – in our air, food and water. One type of estrogen mimicker, called phthalates is present in vinyl platicizers and used in water bottles, sodas, baby formula, juices and condiments… Plasticizers are a part of modern life, but they can wreak

  • Applied Food Sciences, Inc. Launches Study: Glucarate may be Colon Cancer Inhibitor

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